Between Your Friends and Your Wife

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A relationship like marriage has to be based on mutual respect of each other.

This includes choices for friends.

As a couple you have to set priorities and boundaries for what is and isn’t acceptable as friendships.

Your relationship comes first and all others are incorporated as an enhancement to who you both are. Those that interfere with that bond are not friends. True friends respect the boundaries of marriage.

Most people will be very happy that you are in a union with someone you love.

Others may seem resentful.

We always want our friends and loved ones to be happy for us. But for those that can’t there are reasons why.

They may be jealous, they may not like change or they may think you made a mistake.

For someone you consider a loyal friend the later may be hurtful.

You can ask them honestly why they don’t like your marriage but that doesn’t mean the person isn’t right for you. It just means they don’t understand what you see in the one you chose and that’s okay, they don’t have to.

But they do not have the right to sabotage your happiness either.

If you value their friendship you will let them express themselves.

But, if they respond with things like “I’m being protective” ,“I don’t know them well enough” “We don’t hang out any more” then this person is more concerned with themselves. In this type of case make it clear that you expect the person to support your choice if they are your friend.

It’s good when you are married to surround yourself with positive people. This included friendships with the same sex and with like minded people.

It’s good to spend time with people who understand you and your spouse.

They will know where you are coming from as people.

Friends want the best for each other and for their relationships to flourish.

Relationships other than the marriage should enhance what you have with your spouse not detract in any way if it does then there is something wrong with that relationship.

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