How to Fix a Broken Marriage

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It is a very sad fact, but the marriages of more than 4 million persons a year are severed by divorce in just the United States alone.

This amounts to about one divorce every minute on the average!

No wonder it’s vitally important to learn how to fix a broken marriage because it can help you get your life and family back on track.

It is sad that so many persons who expect to enjoy happiness in marriage find just the opposite.

One United States marriage counselor observed concerning those marrying today: “One-fourth will end up in divorce court, while another one-fourth will keep their marriages legally intact for a variety of reasons, but will get little satisfaction from them.”

Clearly, the marriages of millions of persons are in need of help. Possibly your marriage, too, is in trouble.

What can you do to strengthen it? How can the happiness that you originally expected from marriage be realized? How to fix marriage problems?

These questions will be answered explicitly in this article – How to Fix a Broken Marriage.

So grab a drink (preferably, a coffee), sit back, relax, and read on as I unravel the 3 hidden secrets of fixing a broken marriage.

3 Hidden Secrets on How to Fix a Broken Marriage

1) Look To The Right Source For Help

Men and women are marvelously designed for each other. They are inherently equipped to live together as husband and wife.

Still many marriages fail. Why? Because they ignore an important requirement.

Many couples keep on asking “how can i fix my marriage?”, but they fail to remember that a basic requirement for genuine success in marriage is to consult regularly the advice of its originator, man’s Creator, God.

In his written Word he has provided the counsel that, if applied by both marriage partners, is certain to assure the happiness of their marriage.

This is not simply theory, or an idle, unsupported assertion.

It is a fact. For when persons have really endeavored to cultivate in their marriage the qualities the Holy Book recommends, remarkable improvements have occurred.

Are you willing to make an earnest effort to save your marriage by accepting the counsel of the foremost marriage counselor, Jehovah God?

Then, simply walk up to any store and buy a copy of The Bible or Koran or Whatever that is studied in your place of worship and start reading through the areas that discusses about marriage.

If you are a Christian then please read this article that discusses about how Christians can save their marriages (it can also be of immense benefit to Muslims, and Buddhist alike).

2) Talk to Each Other

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Happy couple drinking morning cofee

An interchange of communication is an obvious and yet vital way for marriage mates to show each other loving interest.

Before you were married you no doubt made an effort to carry on an interesting conversation with your wife-to-be. She obviously enjoyed this.

Then, wisely continue to make this effort to talk. Your wife will appreciate it.

A wife, on the other hand, should use discretion when making conversation.

Do not greet your husband with a barrage of problems as soon as he arrives home and before he has time to get settled.

Think of pleasant things that you might speak about. And when there are problems to discuss, pick a time when he is in a frame of mind best to consider them.

Such loving consideration is certain to contribute to improved marriage relations.

3) Show Personal Interest in Each Other

One important principle that that will help you fix your broken marriage is to show loving interest in each other.

Many marriages have been saved when husbands and wives have made a real effort to do this.

When you and your mate were courting each other before marriage, each made an endeavor to cultivate interest in what the other liked, is that not so? This no doubt was a factor that endeared you to each other.

Why not, then, continue this practice? Of course, you may not be interested in some activities your husband likes.

He may not be a Christian believer, and thus he may not have the interest in Bible study that you do.

Nevertheless, you would do well to cultivate an interest in certain of his activities for the sake of the marriage.

It is difficult to make love grow when husband and wife do not do things together.

Recently a woman who was having severe marital difficulties admitted her failure in this regard:

I have been wrong in excluding my husband’s desires,” she explained. I haven’t cultivated an interest in the things pleasing to him. He enjoys bowling, hunting trips, baseball games, and so forth. Although years ago he used to invite me, I never went.

This woman responded to encouragement to share in some of her husband’s activities. Happily she wrote:

I told him that I had been wrong in many instances, and that I was going to try to do better. I told him I’d like to go bowling one day a week, possibly on a Saturday afternoon if he’d like.

A husband should likewise endeavor to show interest in his wife, and in the activities she performs in behalf of the family.

Show her your concern. Never be too busy with other pursuits to devote some time to her and to reassure her of your love.

Simply being alert or ‘tuned in’ to each other’s interests and needs is vital to a harmonious marriage.

One young married woman, who had failed to do this, complained regarding her husband:

He keeps making up excuses to be away from me more and more.

The reasons why her husband might be acting this way were discussed with her.

She admitted that she had become less interested in caring for her personal appearance of late.

Also, she said that her husband’s conversation bored her, and that she had little interest in communicating with him.

The wife was helped to see the need of showing more interest in her husband. Thus, she began to be more attentive to him, and took a greater interest in what he was doing.

She made a point to fix his favorite foods more frequently, and paid more attention to being physically attractive to him. The husband responded by becoming eager again to come home to his wife.

True, it may be easy to see what your marriage mate is doing wrong. But the wife should ask herself, “What can I do to contribute to the success of the union?

If my husband does not come home at night and goes out and gets drunk, is it because there is something about the home to which he does not like to return?

Do I nag him? Am I always lecturing him? Are the children out of hand?” Such honest self-analysis can be extremely revealing and valuable.

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Videos on How To Fix a Broken Marriage

Before I wrap up, I’d like you to enjoy 2 fantastic videos that will show you how you can save your marriage once and for all.


1) How to Save a Marriage

2) Free Marriage Counseling – How to Fix My Broken Marriage

Thanks for watching these videos.

Make sure you apply what you learnt.

Bye for now and ensure you fix your broken marriage today!

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